mitation crystal labeled natural crystal Amazon sentenced to consumer fraud

this is imitation crystal pendant, Amason said after the sale of natural crystal, was sentenced to three times compensation. Reporter Liu Yang photo

due to the sale of "natural crystal pendant" is imitation crystal, Amazon Web site operators in Beijing century of excellence in Information Technology Limited was sentenced to consumer fraud. This morning, the case in Beijing City, Chaoyang District people’s court sentenced the Amazon website was sentenced to refund the consumer loan and give three times compensation.


three crystal pendants are decorated pendants, LACEY Ling Circle Pendant and Redford constant pendant, a total of 449 yuan price. Consumers Liu Yanqing said, when the time to buy all the introduction of natural crystal, there is a marked "Austria crystal", after testing and identification of the conclusions of the "imitation crystal". He believes that according to the relevant provisions of the national standard, imitation of natural jewelry should be added imitation word, business behavior is fraud. Therefore, the prosecution claims refund of three times the payment of compensation.

trial, the Amazon side should not be liable for compensation. The first two argued that the pendant is Amazon’s two shop business, Amazon is trading platform, has been to examine the shop without obligation, contract relationship between Mr. Liu; finally a constant Redford pendant, Amazon said just ordinary network operators, and non specialized jewelry products distributors, suppliers to trust marked as non crystal, deliberate fraud, do not agree to compensation.

reporter learned that, in the lawsuit, the seller of these crystals are the name of the commodity to synthetic crystal artificial crystal, etc..

after the trial, the Chaoyang Court believes that Amazon Web presentation, were not in the crystal before the "fake" word, nor on the material in imitation of crystal other forms of text, resulting in Mr. Liu as ordinary consumers to the purchase of materials and the corresponding value to make accurate judgments, damage the rights of Liu in violation of the provisions of consumer law. According to Mr. Liu and Amazon established Redford constant pendant sale contract, the payment shall be refunded to the Amazon pendant and three times the compensation, a total of more than 1000 yuan.

on the other two pendant, the court believes that Amazon is only the online trading platform service, not the seller, therefore does not support the two pendant claims.

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occupation play dummy: new consumer law is good news and I fake

after the court, Liu Yanqing admitted his "occupation fake people’s identity, said it had hit 12 annual leave. He said that the new consumer law implemented in March 2014 in support of the consumers know buying fake behavior, is a good news for them. The number of 2014 he crackdown by at least 15%. In the trial of more than 40 times, are playing the website of the fake, which Jingdong have 8 cases, 7 cases are the other wrong withdrawal, their overall winning rate of 95%. In addition, he believes that the new consumer law to enhance the business sector crackdown, he will continue to play. (reporter Liu Yang)

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