The United States purchased overseas how to grab the cross-border business with Tmall Jingdong

[Reuters] billion state power Gome group following the end of 2012 line Gome online, and enter a new market in the cross-border electricity supplier red after December 7, 2015, the United States officially launched overseas purchase.

however, the cross-border electricity supplier has been open, Tmall international, Jingdong’s global purchasing bigwigs have a foothold, some has its own characteristics of the platform also boosted their users. In the face of these pioneers, the United States overseas purchase the "latecomers" will use what kind of posture and they play


vice president of the United States overseas purchasing land

electric chain of cross-border business, where is the imagination?

the United States overseas purchase vice president Lu Ning that the United States of large and medium-sized city line shop resources is a big advantage of the United States purchased the sea. He pointed to the billion state power network, the main users of the sea outsourcing market is still dominated by women, category focus on maternal and child health care products and cosmetics, so the United States will cut from the overseas purchase of maternal and beauty. This kind of goods through the online promotion effect is limited, the next line stores can make full contact with the user product.

in addition, the United States has electrical and electronic products of the gene, caught a lot of love of this commodity is male users, so the electronic products purchased overseas market can also open. The future may become fashionable VR, intelligent hardware and other products, but also through the line experience to achieve good publicity.

"electrical and electronic products, China is now the largest exporter of processing and production, and there are also doing a good job of independent brands. But there is still a part of the high-end niche areas, need someone to do." Lu Ning told billion state power network, domestic appliances commodities, the quality gap with foreign countries is not large. But consumers on the so-called overseas original demand, mainly in order to meet the pursuit of high-end consumer psychology.

overseas electrical products do not like FMCG, they are more strict channel management. Canon, Nikon, Nissan, for example, these products usually only for the number of domestic sales, will not be granted the right to foreign enterprises. In the current cross-border business mainstream "shopping spree" to organize the source of goods, can not guarantee the warranty, the voltage of the power supply, return above, so that there is no one big category.

to solve the above problems, the United States and Japan overseas purchase large shopping center BIC CAMERA climbed pro.

and he had to deep insertion of Japanese

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BIC CAMERA billion state power network to understand, (the fries in Dhaka and lumira) is a large shopping center in Japan, Japan has a total of 37 large stores. At first, BIC CAMERA electric appliances for the main business category, has now become a comprehensive supplier of electrical appliances, department stores, beauty, drugs and other categories.

and BIC CAMERA cooperation so that the United States and the United States on the purchase of electronic products with

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