Tmall and luxury brand Burberry channel cooperation in China


technology news November 26th evening news, Tmall announced joint and luxury brand Burberry, Tmall and Burberry to promote the official flagship store in China district more than and 30 first-tier cities more than and 70 line stores linkage, the maximum discount of 30 percent off.

It is reported that

, the Burberry at the end of the Year Award activities will cover the autumn and winter of 2015 men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories such as a full product line of 628 products, consumers will enjoy full channel shopping experience. For those accustomed to the store to buy Burberry consumers, once the store appears broken color off the code, you can shop through a shopping guide in the Tmall flagship store single transfer goods, select the store from mentioning or courier home. In addition, according to the image of the target customers to provide Burberry, Tmall can be based on Ali big data, through the potential off plan for Burberry to find and reach more potential high-end customers.

Tmall said, and now, Europe and the United States and China are trying to adjust their luxury brand strategy, fully embrace the electricity supplier, Tmall has become the preferred platform for electronic business. In addition to Burberry, Tmall has ushered in a series of COACH, Y-3, Lssey Miyake (Issey Miyake), Estee Lauder, La Mer, Lancome, HR, Helena, LAPERLA, Halley, Jaguar Land Rover and other luxury brands in Europe, covering clothing, bags, beauty, car number of popular consumer goods.

Tmall international has also focused on the introduction of the Macy’s House of Fraser, the British Messi department store, Paris Look, the French duty-free shops in the largest duty-free shops in Thailand group King Power (Wang Quan), South Korea’s Samsung Group’s Xinluo duty-free shops, duty-free shops in Laox, Japan’s largest group of Singapore luxury shopping platform Reebonz and other luxury retail formats. Through the multi industry investment strategy, Tmall is improving Chinese nearly 80% consumers of luxury consumption takes place outside of the situation, stimulating consumption abroad return, but also become the main channel of European luxury brands electricity market Chinese remodeling.

In addition

, Ali to invest billions of dollars of luxury goods flash taker glamour, also has been seen as an important action in the luxury market layout ali. According to the latest reports, with Gabbana, Armani, Dolce& Zegna, Michael, Kors, Trussardi, Roger Vivier, Longchamp, Tumi, Guerlain, Paris Lafayette 280 luxury brand exclusive online licensing business channels, glamour is currently pushing and moving wildly beating gongs and drums Tmall clothing, Tmall, Tmall, Tmall and beauty in a number of international luxury goods market to do more vertical integration layout. (skyline)

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