Explosion-proof warehouse courier company, shop please courier


is a warehouse explosion, the electricity supplier thing big promotion when most distressed, many sellers that consumers are not satisfied with the backlog of goods, goods express company pressure caused the rising rate of complaints, the buyer has not received the goods worried……

has been a "double eleven" super 60 million shipments and explosion experience, "shuangshier" each have different tactics.

express company: people, and pay extra

double eleven promotional day, Taobao set a sales myth of 19 billion 100 million yuan, the number of shipments of up to about 60000000. Crazy promotions after all courier companies have said the courier warehouse explosion under pressure, because too tired to have resigned, but the manager rushed to replace array area. In the face of the upcoming promotion and a large "shuangshier", express what method to deal with


added, "plus, raise." Zhong express courier company in Tiexi District, said the glider area, under normal circumstances, their ability to deal with the contract area is 250-300 per day ticket express, 5 couriers each 50-60 votes. However, this "double eleven" after the express delivery of parts to surge, now they have 500-600 ticket contract area. Because too tired, 2 salesman resignation, but he had to personally battle.

"shuangshier" certainly is a peak, they increase the emergency 3 couriers, and ready for delivery tools. Meanwhile, courier salary increases. The last delivery percentage 1-1.2 yuan / ticket, received a commission of 10%, is now 1.2 yuan / ticket delivery from all parts, then company will own Commission also out for courier.

Taobao: Joint shop to send gifts to the courier

to thank the hard courier service, yesterday, the Shenyang evening news reporter learned that Taobao and Taobao launched the "FedEx package seller cluster", namely "shuangshier" on the same day, the seller sent the parcel to the inside of the consumer, in addition to goods will prepare a gift to express.

is a good friend selling hair products shop, the person in charge of small Cui told the Shenyang evening news reporter, the courier plays a very important role in business transaction, buyers have the perfect shopping experience also depends on their service. However, the courier in the delivery process of aggrieved and helpless situation have occurred. For example, sellers urge them to receive the goods, buyers urge them to deliver goods, if you catch up with the event, courier is too busy to eat, sleep.

"we launched " in 1212; Express composite package " activity is to thank the courier, and we hope they together to provide consumers with a more intimate service." Xiao Cui said, there are many sellers are ready to courier gifts, including hats, scarves, gloves and other warm hand cream, supplies and candy, cards and other small gifts. (source Shenyang Network – Shenyang Evening News)

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