Dragon Boat Festival Chinese domain name from South Korea to buy back the transaction price of $30 t

Morning news (reporter Peng Lanlan) Dragon Boat Festival.Cn official website officially opened today. Yesterday, a reporter from the Hubei Zigui municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department was informed that Qu Yuan’s hometown of Hubei city of Zigui Province in such a special way to celebrate the Dragon Boat festival.

due to international practice of domain name registration by first note first, Korea Companies to register is not illegal. Then in order to avoid the Dragon Boat Festival.Cn loss of foreign countries, the Internet domain name investor Yao Jinbo eventually to $30 thousand from the hands of the Korean people to buy the Chinese domain name, and free of charge to the city of Zigui. Hubei Zigui plans to build cultural sites, and ultimately make the Dragon Boat Festival.Cn live up. According to the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department, the site not only contains the Dragon Boat Festival and the origin of the history of a variety of festivals and customs, but also become a propaganda window Zigui local cultural image.

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