n the next few years, e-commerce website operators are still in short supply

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from 2009 onwards on the full-time engage in site, until now there are more than 2 years, during this period too much to acid, mixed with sorrow. I do shopping search site, dedicated to earn excellent network and Taobao sales commission, the site’s highest day IP also reached nearly one hundred thousand, but because of the traffic is too large, no good for two months was artificially shielded Baidu.

site now although still continue to operate, but the site is Baidu artificial shield, mainly rely on every day hundreds of IP Sogou shopping search, this now only monthly income of several hundred yuan, after the new year decided to find a stable job.

contact their electronic commerce website operation has been three years, so the registration resumes in a recruitment website, intend to find a electronic commerce website operation and management work; voted 60 resumes in the recruitment site on the morning of February 23rd, three days to get 11 an interview, of which there are four or five because not too far to go to the interview, the interview 6 times, found 4 jobs, two of them is more optimistic about the operation of a Taobao crown shop, another is to help Guangzhou a famous decoration company operation and promotion website, the home decoration company has dozens of national subsidiaries, even at 1% a decorative order salary + successful treatment, but because of working in the company are decorative design division, to go to work if I am the only one is a network of technical personnel, I haven’t got a lot of decoration industry and Daxing fun, I feel the working environment is not suitable for my long-term development, so I chose a Taobao shop operations management work.

I used to find technology development work, is to throw about 10-20 resumes only once in an interview, the interview is only about 5%-10%; the probability that this find e-commerce website job interview 18%.

e-commerce in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce operators in this area is in short supply. One is the technology, mostly hard, rarely with e-commerce, e-commerce technology mostly do experience or stay in the online purchase. It is doing business online, rarely contact technology, a good example is the Taobao store opened a good shop, a few will be network technology; some technical personnel often complain that the network is not understand network technology, through other network technology or platform to earn money; while they engage in technology but did not give more money.

In the

era, our technical people’s ideas should be changed, not only in the study of deep technology, learning new knowledge, improve the running efficiency, while ignoring the technology and the combination of e-commerce opportunities, also lose to companies or individuals to create more revenue opportunities.

think Google technology is good, if there is no advertising alliance can not develop to today, the ultimate purpose of technology is also for business.

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