Reverse thinking about virtual fast charging why can not make money

Hello, I’m Ling Bo, the past 2010 virtual fast charging industry can be said to be a heady, many agents, a monthly income of over 10000, money making machines, including the package name, frequently attract a large number of new entrants to the novice. Ling Bo is not what senior agent, but also is going through something, after Qinliqinwei, learned some of the real industry, here to sing a tune, but also to analyze the industry for the reason of not making money, is the new people to the general agent is not some reminders and advice. Can not to generate profits or agents are not ideal for reference, we encourage each other.

reason 1: network business, with the industry really do the same?

please do not misunderstand the meaning of the title, I mean, the Internet can really do the project, with the usual work or do business, investment degree of entrepreneurs and attention in the same? Open shop, most of the work environment is in the home, and the home is a very relaxed and comfortable places in work is not easy, but received interference, the network itself is a vulnerable environment, we think, when they usually want to deal with something with a computer, is not often surf the Internet here look around there, a QQ, a web page secretly dish, still open music listen well, perhaps a beginning is thinking of doing a thing, often doing distracted, the result is greatly reduced the efficiency of handling things. Therefore, want to open the shop to do, first of all to do shop as the attitude of doing the same industry, go to work on time, attention, and less to do with the project is not related to the matter, which has a prerequisite for success. Virtual fast filling industry is bound to shop operators as a platform, can not deal with this, it means that you can not make money through this project

two reasons: monthly income of over 10000, money making machines, so easy to really


looks very attractive, who do not want to do at home on the Internet, it is easy to hold a million income. However, some people will doubt, it is so easy, that everyone turned a profit, but also do not have adult? Indeed, Ling Bo had seen in Taobao, virtual fast charge, the monthly turnover of over 10000, even over one hundred thousand of all There are plenty of people who heart, but fine look, you will find that do this is not so easy. Some are paid by a large number of advertising investment, such as the promotion of Baidu, Taobao and other train, some are slowly accumulate, do a year or more to do, but also some inflow is not a lie, not to mention here, a need to invest a lot of money to play. And not all entrepreneurs have such a condition, the virtual industry fast charge attraction is a feature of his low threshold, small start-up capital, want to start small, only one step at a time, according to the previous way, the gradual accumulation of can, if with a quick and speculative mentality do the fast charging industry, I can only say that this project is not suitable for you.

reason three: package teaching package will really help you?


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