The State Copyright Bureau SkyDrive business needs to stop unauthorized users upload works

The State Copyright Bureau: SkyDrive

service providers need to stop unauthorized users to upload works

[TechWeb] October 20th news reports, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice on regulating the order of the" SkyDrive services copyright. Notice that the SkyDrive service provider shall take effective measures to stop the illegal users to upload and share does not include unauthorized works: being hit, selling works, publishing, film and television, music and other professional institutions to stop publishing or other significant works, perception is unauthorized provide works.


notification requirements, SkyDrive service providers or organization shall not upload unauthorized works, not for users to upload and storage works for editing, recommendation, ranking and other processing, not in a variety of ways to guide, to induce and encourage the user to share the illegal works of others. Users use other forms of network services illegal sharing of the works of others, SkyDrive service providers shall strengthen the management of users.

at the same time, notice that the SkyDrive service provider shall take effective measures to prevent illegal users to upload, store and share the following works: according to the human rights notice has been removed from SkyDrive works, right service providers who sent a statement or right publicity work, focus on supervision of the copyright administration department announced.

notice, SkyDrive service providers should be in the SkyDrive home page prominently prompts the user to comply with copyright law, is not illegal to upload, store or share works. SkyDrive service providers should be in its "significant position, with marked notify complaints, accepting the obligee to inform, complaints timely, and complaints in 24 hours notice, after the rights consciousness of infringement works, remove infringing works link.

in addition, also requires that the SkyDrive service providers to establish the necessary management mechanism, effective use of technical measures, active shielding, remove infringing works, prevent users to upload, store and share the work of others. (Ming Yu)

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