Ministry of public security recently launched an information release platform for missing children


was held in Zhejiang Hangzhou "2016 national anti trafficking crackdown conference site.

Li Rin / people’s police

from April 13th to 14, sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau of the "2016 national anti trafficking crackdown conference" held in Zhejiang of Hangzhou. The reporter learned from the meeting, the Ministry of public security crackdown office will soon launch a "missing children information release platform, help the national emergency" crackdown operation.

it is understood that, in order to meet the requirements of the "Internet plus" era, and constantly improve the cracking mechanism, promote the comprehensive management of the society, the Ministry of public security crackdown office, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate investigation and supervision department, security department of Social Affairs Ministry of civil affairs and the Alibaba group established a cooperation mechanism of investigation data. The Ministry of public security crackdown office will soon launch a "emergency information release platform of missing children". After the line on the platform, will work for the "crackdown" practice "Internet plus anti abduction" play a unique role in realizing national anti trafficking prevention and treatment.

the meeting also according to the criminal law amendment (nine) "the buyer into the criminal judicial interpretation," People’s Republic of China anti domestic violence law ", carried out a detailed analysis and build a national database using DNA and workflow.

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