Buy network announces a US $5 million investment in VC investment institutions

bought CEO Miaolong Hong said on the 6, after nearly a month of negotiations, the United States has been a net to buy a $5 million VC investment investment institutions, and become a year after the industry’s first venture group purchase website.

this event means that the value of the industry has been to buy back, once again become a venture capital ‘nuggets’." Chinese e-commerce research center senior researcher Zhao Na said.

After the development of

is in the Chinese bearish business market, coupled with the two IPO market freeze, capital investment for the electricity supplier more carefully. According to the data of the research center of the Qing Dynasty, the second half of 2011 electricity supplier investment enthusiasm is slowing down, the disclosure of investment incidents 34, accounting for the full disclosure of the investment case of 93 from the year of, far less than the first half of 2011 investment. Affected by the decline in e-commerce investment in the second half of 2011, there is no venture capital investment group.

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