Korean homes have shed traffic structure exposed Taobao passenger driven sales of 30%

June 25th news, according to billion state power network to understand, the starry expected 2013 sales will exceed 1 billion. In order to achieve the expected growth, the Korean homes will be willing to make full use of Taobao guest resources and carry out the old members of the marketing and other means of drainage, and the Korean homes have clothes shop flow structure planning.

"in the future, free traffic flow shop Han clothing from the search accounted for 30%, the Taobao passenger train and drill exhibition pay promotion way to get traffic accounted for 30%, from old customer traffic accounted for 30%, other fragmented traffic accounted for 10%." Han clothing marketing manager Xu Zhisong introduced the starry flow architecture to billion state power network.

due to Taobao customers are paid by volume, for businesses to pay the lowest cost promotion. It is reported that the Korean homes will be set up a special business development group. Business development team will have the potential to discuss business cooperation with the owners, in order to get a lot of traffic.

Xu Zhisong said it is also trying to cooperate with the domestic advertising alliance more extensive. With Ali mother comeback, Taobao alliance has gradually opened up, and gradually open the interface of a number of domestic advertising alliance.

billion state power network to understand, the starry Taobao guest is divided into 3 to 5 levels, which is also the main shopping guide websites, 360, Sogou, Jinshan navigation website. Currently, the Korean homes have been sold Taobao passenger channel sales accounted for 30% of total sales, and its flagship store Tmall traffic from Taobao.

Xu Zhisong said that the group has precipitated millions of members. In addition to e-mail, text messages and other traditional membership management, the next few months, the Korean homes will also be through the formation of the form of club members to promote the sale of the old members. Han Yi homes hope to enhance the link between the group and its members in this way, enhance consumer stickiness.

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