How to promote the use of Baidu Post Bar

today I share the outline is: interactive marketing; destination is: Baidu post bar. In fact, it is with words, soft to "set" others. Seems to be very profound and very simple, huh, huh, huh, when you operate it is not the same thing.

a, found that advertising sent to

says that only the first operation to have people, where is suitable for the operation of our small Hui? A few pictures You’ll see.:




, you’re not wrong, this is Post Bar.

two, analysis post

if you can observe your chance to find business opportunities, yes, this is a picture + a few words (below we called words better) + seeking private letter trumpet. Of course, this you can occasionally QQ to others, with a lifetime of QQ marketing ta.


you must have found that this kind of picture is usually opened or used, because it makes people more reliable.


is writing this the effect of skin care products, trial groups, the most important is to use third party tone (that is packaged into their own user account). Of course, if you can get some better tone.



to buy a few small Baidu to impersonate the user to seek private letter, after.

three, do post

we have a big problem, how to build this post?

1 to solve the problem:

generally we will say, Baidu a lot of pictures. Yes, but those are packaged products, we are looking for the use of the map, which is more tangled. Small Hui found this a few days a few good places, the picture doesn’t have to worry about:



usually copy the picture here can do that.

2 word surgery

this is a very important problem, small Hui said, there is no technology, but we don’t want to write or novice brother will not write? Small Hui can tell you a lazy, but not simply copy and paste it, want to do good, or to spend some thought.



believe that after reading these pictures, you already know, yes

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