Rural electricity supplier so fire, entrepreneurs now have a chance

The introduction of

continues to heat the rural electricity supplier, has attracted more and more entrepreneurs to join them, there are a lot of friends in Rural Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship help consulting "rural electricity supplier in the end how to do?" "now began to do the rural electricity supplier in the end late?" "rural entrepreneurship as the starting point to choose what is better?"…… Although the media has been advocated for rural electricity providers online shopping industry last piece of blue ocean market, but in the face of many Internet giant heavy fire cover, rural service business seems to have a 360 degree dead! As a "small game player" want "to follow the code", also have the opportunity to speak here? The rural youth entrepreneurship to help business — new farmhouse Amoy platform as an example, with friends to comb the rural electricity supplier will face the industry pain points, provide some beneficial reference for friends of rural entrepreneurship


pain points 1 traditional channels high circulation costs

There is a huge gap between the retail price and the purchase price of

specialty, generally between 3-10 times. One of the important reasons for this difference is because of the high cost of transportation; two is the high cost of storage and processing, and the second is the serious loss of transportation of agricultural products; the four is the circulation of intermediary operating costs and high profits.

in the face of this industry pain points, Amoy farmhouse using F2C business model, directly connected to achieve the manufacturer and consumer market, allowing producers directly monitoring the market price dynamics, and consumers interact in real time, through the consumption data for subsequent reforms to boost production, on the one hand, optimize product structure, reduce inventory loss; improve the efficiency of the service on the one hand, to avoid the service chain caused by a long "service twist" phenomenon.

pain point 2 traditional market circulation radius of small

agricultural production has regional, seasonal and dispersion characteristics, and the consumer has the universality, diversity and change of the demand for agricultural products, so often need a variety of agricultural products in different regions to meet the transportation needs of consumers around. However, the high cost of circulation has seriously restricted the market circulation of agricultural products caused by the radius of the agricultural products market in the origin of distressed sales, and pile up in excess of requirement, in the sales market is frequent in short supply, soaring prices of market segmentation situation.

in the face of this industry pain points, Amoy farmhouse using LAAP business model, to achieve the next line chain double line experience is also a museum logistics dispatch center, the same place at the same time, the different concentration of sales of agricultural products, through the "buy the country, selling the country" business philosophy, to expand the depth and the breadth of agricultural products circulation, through product inventory monitoring background, can experience the effective allocation of resources in the next line, so as to effectively regulate the market price, to avoid the abnormal situation of market segmentation.

pain point 3 market supply and demand information circulation efficiency is low

at present, agricultural production circulation shows the intermediary body too much, the problem of long chain of production and circulation. Each circulation link costs

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