Analysis of the current situation of traditional enterprises

the impact of the Internet, let the traditional enterprises begin to self understanding, out from the original framework, accept the new thinking of the impact, the traditional enterprises began to transition, Internet marketing has become an important part of traditional enterprises to enter the technical team, and the effect of promotion between there is also a concern of traditional enterprises the. Because of the success of the Internet transformation of traditional enterprises too little too little, but the failure is very much, what the reason, the problem is very much. In terms of the following 5 main issues.

one, traditional marketing routines old

traditional enterprise original routines, production, processing, products, advertising, and now this one is not good, hard wide more and more no effect, also more and more feel, now want to spend money on this hard advertising on television or in the newspapers, making the brand is very difficult. The original investment and business model, the cost is low, the effect has been going downhill. In 2 years, the market may be completely unresponsive.

two, transition and not between the type of hesitant

enterprise transformation in general there are two.

is forced to transform the first. The traditional marketing model has been eliminated, enterprise difficult, no transformation, this is painful, then remembered that turned the bow, the loss is huge.

second is a predictable transformation. Enterprise boss sensitive sense of smell, early discovery enterprise development opportunities and advantages of the Internet, in other enterprises has not yet started, enterprises have been ahead of the layout of the transformation and upgrading, optimization of the existing model, combined with the Internet thinking, one step ahead.

although everyone has the feeling of nostalgia, but the business is never fall behind, if not Nishuixingzhou, keep moving forward, only to withdraw or defeat. It doesn’t have to transition, not die restructuring of enterprise, every year has fallen, adhere to the result, either merged or be eliminated. Life is dynamic, business is more so, do not move back.

three, the traditional business owners thought behind

traditional business owners and most of the executives, answer is at the age of 35-45 years old, most of their mode of thinking or letter on the past, in the transformation of the Internet thinking, clueless, or not thinking, no experience. If you let them lead the transformation of the traditional corporate Internet, they are not confident, because in this matter, they do not have any experience or routines to follow, or say, may not have learned to play WeChat.

In addition to

, due to the acceptance of foreign things is not strong, rigid thinking, resulting in their network marketing psychology is not the end. In fact, this is a common problem, do not understand the things to invest, it is impossible for the traditional entrepreneurs, although some entrepreneurs have the spirit of adventure, can not play the case of the Internet, the Internet will probably be playing. Burn said, is designed for the boss.

four, the network is just a sales channel

most traditional enterprises >

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