On the promotion of enterprise website

        enterprise construction site is one of the purposes of image, propaganda enterprise products or services, to achieve this goal, the enterprise website must vigorously promote, so that relevant personnel or access to know. There are many ways to promote the site, here are three of the most effective ways to promote enterprise website.  

an online promotion method


1, search engine filling

can be said that the popularity of the Internet and the development of search engine technology is inseparable, is the search engine to hundreds of millions of websites in the world to classify, index, so that it becomes orderly so as to facilitate the search. Generally speaking, there are two main types of search engines: one is the database search engine, and the other is the active search engine.

database search engine is the world an important site to a huge capacity of the database, the contents are generally included site URL, site name, site description and a set of keywords and website content etc.. The database search engine to the new site will not take the initiative to join the database, and to the owner of the company (site manager) to the website information by filling search engine requirements online submitted to the search engine search engine administrator, administrator information after receipt of the application, to design, the content of the site for review, in accordance with the prior determine the criteria to decide whether the site added to the search engine database. The famous YAHOO is such that the search engine.

It is not difficult for

to add a web site to a database search engine, but it is not easy to rank the site. In a large search engine, such as Sohu, Sina in a directory under the directory containing thousands of sites is not surprising. If your website on the location in the directory, after several pages still can not display your website, the possibility of your site is accessed is minimal. Through in-depth study of the working principle of the search engine, you can put the site greatly forward, due to the length of the reasons, we will introduce another line.

active search engine is based on keywords or phrases to find all of the Internet, including their web pages, according to the meaning of the word alignment and displayed in turn. Due to the rich content of the Internet, each search will appear more than ten thousand records, so want to make the site ranking is not easy. Some search engines are only a few representatives of similar sites, a large number of sites do not show the opportunity.

most of the main search engine is the combination of the above two forms, namely: database search and web search >

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