Reflections on Wiki modes how to let users benefit from the most important

      first I know almost wiki, and later found the confusion of Witkey, although the two are different, but may still have some in common, and even blog also has some similarities. Later it was found that there was always related to the so-called X – that is, users create content.

      blog is popular today, we have experienced the development of the Internet users to create the content and significance of Witkey users will be spread through the wisdom of a special way to the Internet and let it play a direct value. There is an important element of Internet content, in the Web1.0 era, all content (limited to official) on BSP production and maintenance, and will break this pattern is a wiki.

      briefly introduce the wiki concept, the word Wiki comes from the Hawaii word "wee EE", originally "hurry.". Here Wiki refers to an online collaborative hypertext system that can be shared by many people to maintain and update the content of the site. We can Wiki text browse, create, change through a web browser, and create, change and release price than HTML text is small, you do not need to know the code of HTLM, as long as a simple understanding of the syntax of Wiki agreement, you can publish your pages in the system! Compared with other hypertext systems, Wiki has the characteristics of convenient use and open, so Wiki system can help us collect, in a community to create a common knowledge in the field, we are concerned about the release and topics of interest.

      Wiki Ward Cunningham co creator, a definition for Wiki: a group of interconnected and free expansion ", a set of used to store and modify the information of the hypertext system, all web pages stored in a database, anyone through the browser user program has the form function. Can easily edit.

      as compared with ordinary wiki ", is the biggest characteristic of the content to the netizens to make, we look at what he means.

      first, the richness and diversity of content.

      the wiki web content will be handed over to the users to complete the "benefit people", so obviously, there are changes in the content of quality will turn the world upside down, the hoodong wiki has been All flowers bloom together. flowers contend in this kind of situation, content layout is clearly more conducive to the overall Internet content to enhance the quality of. At the beginning of the IBM employees leaked trade secrets, but also the loss of hoodong, it seems that the potential or >

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