Another way to promote local information network cooperation with the local newspaper classified inf


many webmaster for promotion and headache, don’t want to spend any money, let more people know their website. I would like to share with you a method: the exchange of resources, which is more suitable for local portal or classified information website or information network, grid network can be.

cooperation with local newspapers or magazines, basically local XX daily, evening news, XX XX or XX daily weekly are "this column classification information", the more general recruitment, publicity announcements, business life information, sales, property leasing, car information and so on.

I tell you, this kind of column in the general newspaper is a newspaper contract to the outside of the advertising company, they have their own special salesman to run the market.

what does this have to do with us? Of course, especially I said information network or classified information websites, can take the initiative to find their cooperation, all in their newspaper classified information advertising customers in your site for free for their publication (if you have a good relationship, can charge a small fee), let them in the daily newspaper, leaving a small place to write "where the issue of classification information advertising customers, XX network will also free of charge for your publication, newspaper + website, common

service for you!"Why does

work with you? If you say it’s free, people shouldn’t refuse it. Instead, the company’s advertising salesman went out to talk about business, there are sites with publicity, but also increase the bargaining chip. Furthermore, you can pay for what? Specifically, the newspaper every day at least your website and web site. If the cost of advertising, 50 a day, a year is to save up to more than 10 thousand of the advertising costs, which is also the value of resources.

confident webmaster can try, I will be successful, cooperation is very happy! Awareness, awareness can not only bring certain flow and local users, and subsequent some cooperation and business opportunities would come.

net to "China’s Three Gorges portal network", for example, please retain the source reprint!

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