The next year for completion of the second round of financing, or return

open for the first time since 2014, the equity financing strategy of "re start" just in time, first this year ushered in the return of the chairman Chen Dongsheng, then November 10th founder Chen Ping in home after 6 years also declared as CEO to return to the home delivery, lead the industry a hot voice. However, this may be just the beginning.

"the first half of 2016, the second round of strategic financing will be completed." Yesterday (November 22nd), vice president of the Ma Hui in 2015 (thirteenth) China logistics entrepreneurs annual meeting revealed the latest.


and no more details of the financing, but the "daily economic news" reporter on the scene learned that the home delivery through the capital will further boost the integration, focusing on brands, achieve rapid increase of the target market and accelerate the core competence; and will continue to increase, the investment, support franchisee development, open integration of resources, seeking with the business platform in the capital level of the multi-directional cooperation.

capital boost resource integration

October 2014, the first to abandon the "Chen’s three brothers (Chen Xianbao, Chen Dongsheng, Chen Ping) 100% family holdings, Fosun investment, Haitong, introduced five strategic investors, will establish positions with integration for the company’s core business.

the power of capital is obvious. "Financing, the average daily traffic volume over the same period last year increased by more than 65%. The first half of 2015 the product reached a rate of 85%, the best level in history." Ma Hui revealed yesterday. In October this year, the release of "home in Beijing · cloud storage products, further declared in the capital power, warehouse distribution strategy has taken a substantial step.

announced the transformation of financing strategy, home delivery has emphasized that the future will be in the warehouse distribution business as the core, but not returning to the old logistics project before 2007, but with the development of express attributes, compatible with the three class logistics service mode B2B, B2C, 020 demand.

Ma Hui also revealed that the business volume and revenue ratio now for 50% from the electricity supplier. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, just in time from the beginning of 2012, after the development dilemma, for the first time on occupation manager mode, COD is chosen as the core to enter the e-commerce.

Ma Hui believes that electricity supplier logistics development is the formation of a new pattern. On the one hand, with the increase of net rate of brands, will boost growth positions with integration needs. O2O mode gradually mature, will also promote the comprehensive development of electricity supplier logistics. At the same time, the supply chain of e-commerce, but also to accelerate the integration of the whole supply chain chain.

Ma Hui provides third party data show that from 2014 to 2015, China’s online shopping market, the proportion of B2C transactions increased from 45.8% to 51.4%; is expected to grow to 2018 by up to 62.1%. In her view, strong demand for branded goods

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