Want to do QQ space marketing will not fish pond marketing how to do

at the moment, since the media is really a fire in a complete mess, QQ space marketing as a simple and easy to operate form from the media by people from the media alike. Look at those names in the QQ space marketing play fast, a lot of product marketing friends must have seen envious, in fact, as long as we diligent a bit about how to use Baidu Search network, QQ space marketing tutorial there is actually a lot, if you really can not find, then go to a look at the treasure, there must be a similar course in the sale.

so today, I mainly want to share with you through their own QQ space combined with fish pond marketing to do product sales experience.

the first step: the establishment of QQ space, and dress up and we want to sell the same style of products

as long as it is playing QQ, QQ space must be opened, but if it is to do it through the QQ product sales is only open space, is not enough, we would also like to dress QQ space into a certain style, so as to let visitors find the feeling of "home" in the first time, this step in "fish marketing" is called the establishment of fish ponds, also is to make a big circle, waiting for you to stay. I personally do pet supplies, so QQ space style I have relatively to be caring and warm, do you all in this step, it is better to do a reasonable QQ space dress according to their own products.

second step: lead fish into the pond, which is to do QQ space fans

this step should be a key part of the entire QQ space marketing, but also the focus of fish pond marketing. After we completed the first step to establish the second step is the natural ponds, attract more people to pay attention to us, then this QQ space fans do? There are many ways online, here I will not repeat, when I was in the QQ space marketing, I do so, first of all I selected several large pet media, such as micro-blog, circle of friends, QQ space, every day when they announced, for the first comment (the first comment exposure is much higher); secondly, to pet friends gathered a relatively high degree of Post Bar and Baidu forum to do some promotion (you might say now Baidu Post Bar has not allowed to send the advertisement, here I can only say that everybody has a way, if you have not opened, in the Baidu Post Bar go somewhere else to do, as long as the hard-working, effect Not necessarily bad. In this way, the number of fans in my QQ space slowly up.

third step: "the fish fattened, with QQ space fans, then should do content

have a lot of friends, may feel that they do QQ fans too slow, so just ask people to do the first two parts, but when he did when we speak here of third steps, starting dumbfounded, he suddenly found himself in the QQ space whether views or comments are much lower than the number of expected.

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