How to promote the use of campus network sharing function

popularity of the campus network as we all know, according to the school’s own official data, the current campus network of more than 40 million registered users, PV4 billion, landing on the day of 22 million passengers. These are high quality flow, we can the nets flow to the promotion of their own site, some time ago wrote "how to use" to promote the campus network log function, today mainly on the campus network to share the products to talk about how to use the campus network to promote the sharing function.

can use the campus network sharing function and students to share movies, books and music video, you can also share these URLs, share will display in the new friends, because many students are good friends share will look at the past. So what are the things that students will share?

1, useful information for students

such as: the discounted tickets of the civil service examination method, common sense, the annual research schedule, for 20 years old girl with cosmetics, IELTS books, you can use the computer master of the fine collection of information on campus and so on, like this a lot, as long as you can grasp what students are most concerned about, really useful for students, a log, your friends will definitely share. How to write a good log can go to see how I wrote a few days ago, "how to use the campus network log to promote" this article.

2, with some information about their school

such as the University of Zhejiang in 2008 to commemorate the graduation DV XX, like this kind of information, the general school students to see, will share. Webmaster can be implanted in the information they want to promote the information, the effect is good. Like this type there are many, we can find a little attention can be found.

3, album

play school students love the album, such as the top 100 examples, after the model of the housing housing decoration, single men and women reference girl series}· pay attention to hair and " ha ~ ~ ~ ~; Girl" tide ride [not], [worship, enjoy the girls can wear out? Fan Er] cool neutral wind and so on, as to how to the album for website promotion, I think many webmaster should have touched it, I will write over time estimate of how to use the nets album promotion function, interested can then focus on.

4, some public welfare activities

college students are a group of flood of love, you can cooperate with their own website launched a number of public welfare activities, the effect is good. I plan in March this year, an online call, when there was a student because the family did not have the money to pay tuition fees, with ten thousand pounds of orange to school. In response to this information, in the school network called on the majority of students to the school where students buy some oranges to help him. On the same day, a lot of friends reply to want to help the students, many friends also share this log. At that time through this log to the site has brought a lot of traffic.


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