How to do online advertising

      the only network ( a lot of contact to try network marketing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, their biggest obstacle is the lack of specialized personnel familiar with the operation of the network, do not know how to implement. In fact, network marketing is not complicated, and the network technology is a platform and channel sales (payment channel) construction, network promotion, several key aspects of network service, other details such as logistics, customer service, customer relationship management, and traditional sales were not, perhaps easier to handle than traditional sales (because the electronic data is relatively complete). These links, the most difficult to ponder is the network promotion. Because of this, the birth of a number of network marketing experts, SEO (search engine optimization) and other professionals. Network promotion is the most direct means of online advertising. If you are the first network marketing, it is recommended that you do not go after deep level such as the SEO, the need to invest a lot of energy, and may include the funds, and the effective time is relatively long, to what extent it is difficult to guarantee. Do a simple online advertising, you may see the effect of the vertical rod. As long as the main points of attention, network operation is not complicated, and now the only network to sum up their experience for your reference.

      the first should be clear advertising purposes, is to promote the brand / product, or promote online business. According to the purpose of the different choice of different types of online advertising. If the brand publicity should be in the traffic and high reputation, access to comprehensive portal website or industry portal group and target consumers with ads; if it is for a product or marketing channel construction, suitable for advertising in the industry portal; and if it is to promote online business, is suitable for the purchase of keyword ranking in the search engine, to achieve accurate network advertising.

      second to determine the cost budget. Different types of Internet advertising and website platform cost gap is very large, Sina, QQ and other sites on the advertising costs in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of small, professional portal in the price of tens of thousands of search keywords, ranking general fee per click, cost per click in 0.3 to a few dollars, advertising the price is relatively cheap, but on the site is a personal website, credibility is not high. For their own purpose of promotion, the choice of the best price for the form of advertising, to determine a reasonable cost budget.

      third formulating the strategy of delivery. In a web site, or a number of Web sites? Is a single advertising display, or the establishment of a dedicated website promotion? When is the best time to launch? How to control the cost of advertising? How to adjust the effect of poor advertising? The need for special customer service personnel to meet the needs of visitors and other issues need to plan ahead.

      fourth, advertising content planning and production. Media forms of online advertising

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