Look at how to do a good job of App event marketing from Aunt false event

recently, micro-blog on the topic of aunt false unusually hot, a wonderful benefits – female employee events from Xiamen Internet companies launched the U.S. grapefruit to please aunt. The matter has been reported by the media, micro-blog broke the news after a string of red, a lot of users to discuss topics related to the publication of false aunt and micro-blog. Based on this background, beauty grapefruit App (available records management period) taking advantage of the launch of the micro-blog topic I want aunt ", causing a large number of users Tucao and hot. In May 5th, I # to aunt # in the micro-blog hot list ranked in the top 3, the topic # #, # wonderful benefits aunt false #, # people’s welfare # subsequent fermentation have also entered the hot topic list, # wonderful benefits # onto the topic list, has become the most popular words in May 6th questions.



in this hot events, America grapefruit with hot spots, to win the hearts and minds of the fans, but also won the good benefits and good intimate reputation. The event occurred within two days, the U.S. grapefruit Baidu index rose 5 times, about hundreds of thousands of people on micro-blog, the country more than 200 media follow-up reports. In the end a small corporate welfare is how to become a national concern of social news?


America grapefruit Baidu index trend

seize the user pain points

this hot event stems from a woman is difficult to talk about the topic of menstruation, which is also the first time so that the whole society has become a topic of concern. Although menstruation for women only normal, but in the meantime there will be some discomfort and female abnormal symptoms such as mood fluctuations, irritability, easy to get angry, even dysmenorrhoea etc.. Therefore, for them to inject more love and positive energy has become an important theme of this hot event.

for the "aunt", before NPC and CPPCC when representatives of the proposal to increase the benefits to female employees, but also the fact that some foreign companies have put aunt leave for women employees, but the vast majority of women are still not able to enjoy the benefits of this incident on the network hot is perfectly logical and reasonable. Leave aside the incident itself, we should consider an essential issue, the topic of the time when the user is widely concerned about whether there is a social controversy, which is the key to the formation of the event itself can effect.

fans interaction

beauty grapefruit administrative micro-blog female fans are more adorable girl small fresh, also is beautiful grapefruit fans of APP. I want to # aunt # this positive energy topic, beauty grapefruit fans have stronger emotional resonance, the iron bars fans come out the first time to participate in the discussion, I want to # aunt false testimony #. The sound of iron bars fans in the same period of time to form intensive discussions, quickly create a single point of time heat, detonated the core of the group.

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