The two-dimensional code and thong, crime and punishment of the erotic marketing nternet Co

from Sanlitun to SOHO, UNIQLO, Beijing buddies in the first half of this year on the shallow, because the air in the next 5000 years old soft haze, there are now more people ready to let a hormone breath, just a few days ago, when the girls in bikinis, SOHO printed two-dimensional all the code in the cold wind howling through, the way programmers boiling, because finally have a civilized and rational, close candid woman sensitive parts have the opportunity, and will be a critical drink called smelly rascal.

for some start-up companies, play temptation in marketing to play sexy, always walk in the edge has been accustomed to, not even you don’t catch, catch fire, all the name of erotic or pornographic edge ball marketing activities and advertising content are many entrepreneurs look up to as the standard. Do not you see, from the UNIQLO fitting room shortly before the event, to be held down by the county (please allow me to use this word) were naked, often businesses only need to play the "erotic" the big kill, can quickly maxed out new media and friends.

. A bother you these walking, a little technical content are not


layers of analysis, this marketing plan has many technical content? Here are arranged outside the naked nude onto a circle, the other side of a large wave of brand public relations, the hand piece has been rapid follow-up, various brands of Social made a face think themselves how to be an occasion of the event, the new media are forced to work overtime. No, all this is not a big fight erotic edge ball, and click on the eye to win.

if this is not the fire! It must be the scale is not big enough, don’t worry, the mastermind also spoke about the "relevant departments", take some time ago maxed circle of friends of Sparta naked incident, people did not afraid of being arrested, but foreigners caught nothing big estimates have to be placed, then put some police shot photos, or behind the company or brand hypocritically a "apology" to expose yourself, this is another round of brand communication.

and the hormone marketing, the most powerful is that, no matter what attitude do you take, even a comment, a circle of friends photos, or a house to this brother expressed outrage of the article, as long as it involved, fueled in virtually, objectively helped to spread its brand the results of. The thought of outside observers, instead of a "dry five extras" really impossible to guard against.

two. Erotic marketing of the three sins

1 gimmick surplus, where the product?

in the western countries, "" the means to win the commercial or political interests, are despised by the mainstream values. But in China, this situation is very popular in Internet startups, but a new research study is to make sophisticated entrepreneurs disappointed, because the survey shows, even if people are talking about your advertising, does not mean.

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