Email Appends: The Good, the Bad, and The Realistic

first_imgAs with any new industry, the early days of online fundraising were filled with both success and failure.  Some organizations quickly found a new stream of revenue… while others found themselves struggling to get out of that black hole known as the spam filter.Now in 2008, a year where political donors broke every record for online giving – even raising $10 million on a website in one night – organizations can move forward with online outreach knowing that others have blazed the online trail before them.Over the last five years fundraisers have found a successful model for reaching out to their donors online – in the form of the well-coordinated email append.Email Append- A DefinitionThe email append at its best takes a portion of your donors and activists – those with whom you have established relationships – finds corresponding email addresses and gives these donors a chance to decide whether they want to hear from you via email – and then appending these names to your files.Common Fears About Email AppendsBefore I outline the difference between a good email append and the type likely-to-relegate-you-to-the-spam-folder-for-all-time, let’s address the immediate concerns most non-profits raise when considering an email append.Download the PDF below to continue reading the full article.last_img

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