No excuses!

first_imgI recently gave a presentation and was floored by the response. And not in a good way. I heard the following after I talked about ways to tweak a message to make it work far better – just by focusing on the audience perspective and speaking to audience priorities. Here’s the reason why this is “not possible”:1. I don’t have the budget to do that.2. I don’t have the staff to do that.3. I don’t have the time to do that.4. I don’t have the internal support to do that.5. I don’t have the expertise to do that.6. The dog ate my homework.Okay I didn’t hear #6 but I did hear the rest.It all reminded me of the same kind of excuses that keep us out of shape:If you hear yourself saying any of the above, stop yourself and think differently.Think like this:1. My budget is so small I’d better invest the time to have the right message so I get bang for my buck.2. My staff is so small I need to focus them on working smarter.3. My time is better spent fixing a bad message than sending out more bad messages.4. I need to market internally what I want to do by showing how it helps my colleagues meet their goals — that time spent will mean far less time overall on internal politicking, resistance and drama.5. I do have the expertise to do a better job – there are great blogs and resources (like my organization’s free learning center) to help me.DO NOT THINK IN TERMS OF CONSTRAINTS. Think in terms of possibility. It’s not about what you can’t do. It’s about what you must do. Just do it!last_img

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