Please, make it fun

first_imgCall me vacuous. Call me vapid. Call me shallow. But I like most things to be fun. I’m more inclined to do something that’s fun than something that’s onerous, boring, depressing or guilt-induced. And I think I’m not the only one. In fact, there’s sound social theory saying people tend to do things that are fun, easy and popular. So I suppose fun is not so vacuous after all. It’s a way to provoke action.Please consider injecting a little fun into your messages from time to time. Please. My email box overfloweth with onerous, boring, depressing and guilt-laden messages. So does my mailbox, along with a lot of bills. I’ll pay attention to ANYTHING with a gleam of levity. Doing good should feel good, at least some of the time.I can hear you now — you’re saying, but there is nothing fun about my cause. I challenge you to think differently.Helping kids with life-threatening illness – can be fun. I’m a huge fan of Make-a-Wish’s new donor-centric campaign, showing the joy of supporting their organization. It’s truly inspirational. Click below to watch it on their site.Making a donation to your favorite charity – can be fun. Just ask lettuce lady. (Click below, it’s FUN.)Joining the fight against poverty – can be fun. Just ask anyone in the Power Circle.Hearing an anti-drunk driving message – can be fun.And yes, these campaigns are effective – they brought in some serious cash and most important, they contributed to vital social change.last_img

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