Do you have a “snow in August” message?

first_imgWhen I landed at BWI earlier this week, this ad greeted me at baggage claim. Mind you, it was 90 degrees that day. And sunny.I then asked my eight-year-old daughter what was wrong with the marketing message. She got it right away: “Who cares about your car not being snowy in the summer?”This is an extreme example of the right message in the wrong place at the… wrong time of year. This message belongs before the road leading to the parking garage, in the winter.Are you delivering your message when people are in a place, time, or state of mind when they will be likely to act upon it?Don’t waste paper, money or web pages on the right message in the wrong physical, temporal or mental moment. The environment surrounding the message (including the weather, in this rather literal case) is as important as the message itself.last_img

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