Innovative fundraisers aka microphilanthropists

first_imgI’m always looking for inspiration, and Peter Deitz of the First-of-its-kind philanthropy network offers a list of amazing group fundraising campaigns. I highlight it because it illustrates the power of those uber-activists I blogged about in my last post. Peter calls it “microphilanthropy,” like this knitter without border:Stephanie Peal-McPhee, a prominent blogger in the world of knitting, has been raising money on behalf of Doctors without Borders ever since the devasting Tsunami hit South East Asia in December 2004. Her micro-philanthropy campaign, which calls on knitters to donate at least $1 to Doctors without Borders, has so far raised a staggering $320,093. Stephanie’s campaign makes no use of social networking or group fundraising tools beyond the original blog format of her website. Instead, she tallies the donations using an excel sheet and relies on donors to email her once they have contributed to Doctors without Borders. Everyone who contributes gets instant membership in Knitters Without Borders, and has the chance to win something knitted by one of her blog readers.Peter also highlighted the amazing Robin Maxwell, who was diagosed with MS less than a month ago and is already fundraising for her local chapter.I’d also like to highlight Ali Edwards, whose son has autism, and who has also been a great fundraiser – in her case, for Autism Speaks. Read the comments on her blog – it shows you just how tight-knit (pun intended) are the uber-activists’ circles.Thanks Micropersuasion for reminding me about comeeko!last_img

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