Businessmen complain incessantly Volume leather merchant network swept away a layer of skin

August 13th, "volume leather mesh: a letter" 200 thousand business just a release, it was the siege of many businesses online, a seemingly ordinary network marketing behind all forces detonated successfully in the open letter under boost, just after just one day of brewing fermentation, businesses rushed action, jointly issued a letter entitled "who are we swept away a layer of skin?" the announcement, in response to an open letter volumes skin network. In the past between the platform and the business of running the rare onto the front desk, and exposed in front of the public, the tense situation caused a great disturbance in the fighting.

It is reported that

, the volume is a leather mesh influential in the industry, the electricity supplier shopping guide platform, the current electricity supplier from a simple discount site gradually to a comprehensive restructuring of discount merchandise shopping guide platform, its business model is mainly to business cooperation by member shopping after extracting the merchant’s sales commission, and then to discount back to consumers. In August 20th this year, for its two birthday celebration.

and the network of this open letter is its two anniversary celebration activities announcement. Because of the volume of the skin in the announcement of the network requires the cooperation of businesses must participate in the unconditional 0 profit promotion activities, and must also launch a lower than the cost of the value of the explosion caused by the merchant’s network siege. Activities leather merchant accused of volume network is actually a "merchant swept away a layer of skin, to achieve the purpose of pandering to consumers.

according to industry analysis, the volume of the activities of the skin network is mandatory, requiring businesses must be unconditionally involved, and comply with the conditions of the other party out, therefore, leading to a joint boycott of the volume of skin network. According to an anonymous businessman, now business is very competitive, the profit was down to a minimum, but also face the high cost of marketing platform in this case, resulting in some small business survival more difficult. Rolling out the network of the event to bring benefits to consumers, it is to reduce the cost of business profits, which for this would depend on the amount of walking to the store to make money, it is not even the chance to drink soup.

therefore, rolling the network of the event announced one, just like the last straw, was a collective boycott businesses, businesses are played on the network banner blocking network roll skin, joint requirements strongly resisted roll skin, claimed that the volume leather mesh, roll us a layer of skin". And more aggressive businesses threatened to jump through this behavior, to attract the attention of the industry, making the end of the store in the interests of the mouth of the machine, to survive.

however, in the face of a joint boycott of businesses, in the performance of the volume leather mesh in the teeth of the storm is quite calm. Coil leather network public relations in response to an interview with reporters, said the purpose of the volume of the skin is the network to save more consumer spending and reduce consumer costs, so low quality is one of the main elements of platform marketing. The activities of the business is also a beneficiary, but the profit is relatively low.

, however, some media commented that, in the platform of diversification of the Internet electricity supplier army, in order to attract more

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