Music, as the cloud disk suspended file upload 5 months with inventory information Jurisprudence

following the 360 cloud disk announced that it was about to turn off the cloud disk service, there are users found, as the cloud disk has long been suspended upload service.


October 29th, it was reported that, as the cloud disk suspended user upload function. Music, as the cloud disk, said the notice, in order to coordinate with the state on the use of cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information special rectification action, will suspend the video file upload service, the original video data retention.


statement also pointed out that the company will cooperate with relevant departments to actively carry out national cloud disk jurisprudence, involving pirated content of the inventory work, once found will be automatically cleared for this content will not be able to provide the backup download service.

music company, as Shanghai staff told surging news, this notice is not released recently.

surging news reporters found that the notice dated May 21st this year. Moreover, as the cloud disk upload service has not yet been restored.

on the music as a follow-up to the cloud disk, music, as the relevant person in charge of the company to respond to surging news, said: everything to the cloud as the music as the announcement of the Shanghai, said the company will not shut down as music cloud disk.

just a few days ago, 360 has just announced the cessation of personal cloud disk services.

October 20th, 360 cloud disk micro-blog released through its official service transformation announcement said, because of the complexity of management cloud disk storage and privacy, the result can not solve the piracy problem, 360 cloud disk is transforming enterprise cloud services, and stop personal version of cloud disk, will stop uploading service in November 1, 2016, shut down the service in February 1, 2017.

360 administrative micro-blog also said that the current part of illegal use of 360 cloud disk storage file, the spread of illegal piracy for profit, dissemination of pornographic information and other criminal acts occurred frequently, a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, more to the society brought great harm.

360 of this position received regulatory points praise. The National Copyright Administration of copyright management department responsible person told the media: "360 companies for preventing some criminals use 360 cloud disk piracy crimes such as the purpose, take the initiative to stop the personal cloud disk services, the future transformation of enterprise cloud services, this practice should be fully affirmed, reflecting the 360 company attaches great importance to the work of copyright protection, actively implement the main responsibility of the enterprise attitude, strengthen copyright protection for other Internet Co has set up a good example."

According to

, consulting previously released "2015 China Mobile (micro-blog) Internet industry development report", in the domestic mainstream mobile cloud disk, Baidu cloud with 37 million 860 thousand monthly active users ranked first. HUAWEI cloud disk to 13 million 710 thousand months after the number of live users, followed by the 360 cloud disk to the top 6 million 870 thousand in third.

360 announced the closure of the cloud disk service, the Internet repeatedly

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