Fake gaming network day water 400 thousand yuan 254 people arrested for 90 80%

organized gangs use nominal labor output in China by Kampuchea recruit people, gambling is legal as the basis, the introduction of 4 fake gambling sites, through the promotion of mail, QQ, there are 400 thousand water every day.

yesterday, Haidian detention center, the fraud involved Ma Jie (a pseudonym) to accept the police investigation. Beijing News reporter Lu Shuchan photo

10, 90 telecommunications fraud suspects escorted back from Kampuchea to beijing. Beijing News reporter Zhou Gangfeng photo

– "254 telecommunications network fraud suspects were escorted back to track

news 10, 254 telecommunications network fraud suspects were escorted home from Indonesia, Kampuchea (Beijing News reported on November 11th). Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Haidian police, the suspects in the 90 people currently detained at the Haidian detention center, has mastered the fact is the name of the organization in the domestic labor gangs use output by hiring, the Kampuchea gaming industry legal based on the introduction of 4 fake gambling sites, through the promotion of mail, QQ, 400 thousand the water every day, involving up to tens of millions. Web site with customer service, promotion, clear division of labor, the suspect in accordance with the amount of information sent to customers and the amount of money to get the Commission, each person can earn about 5000 yuan per month.

organization of military management division clear

Beijing City Public Security Bureau Haidian branch pre battalion Liu Dafeng introduced 90 suspects escorted to Beijing after all detained at the Haidian detention center, after three rounds of interrogation, has been roughly the gang to find out the network fraud context, "the boss" rent the room in Kampuchea in March this year in Phnom Penh in a local legal qualification Casino Hotel, established four counterfeit foreign well-known gambling sites, and then went from around the country to recruit workers.

staff to the airport there is a lift of the transfer, and confiscation of passport." Liu Dafeng said the Gang Office and accommodation apart, almost the implementation of the militarization of the management, can not just go out, every day there are special vehicles shuttle to work, arrange meals and other matters. Before going to work, for a period of three days of training, some teaching contents of the gaming industry, how to see the handicap etc..

Liu Dafeng revealed that the division of labor is very clear, in addition to the boss, the following are also set up in charge of personnel, the Department is divided into customer service department, operations department, technical department, the Department of promotion, attendance, administration. Executives will also be held on a regular basis to study how to operate.

customers will win the account to pull the black

Liu Dafeng said that the promotion of the site mainly rely on two channels, regularly sent to the mainland to promote the website, the content is registered by the site betting, you can return the amount. Suspect Sun Chunxia (a pseudonym), the content is generally respected customers, welcome to register as a member of our website, betting 100 yuan can be returned to $50, and with the website link."

Another way for

to attract customers through QQ, ""

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