Google Liu allowed to join the battle to compete for 360 or build traffic channel alliance


news January 6th, the original Google China responsible person, Google vice president Liu Yun has formally joined the Qihoo 360, served as chief commercial officer (CBO Chief, Business Officer). Liu Yun in January 2008 to join Google, director of Greater China sales work diligently for 6 years, until they can’t do this anymore.


learned this news, the old Ji a sigh, this also marks the traditional Google search business, either the user product or commercial products in the mainland are completely China game over (as well as the mobile terminal Android still carry forward; on the other hand) also saw the Qihoo 360 for the enormous ambitions of the search market. Old Ji do not hold any shares of the Qihoo 360, is based on fundamental analysis, think: Although 360 of last year’s share price has risen by 5 times, this year is estimated to have


old Hebei with a very simple analogy: according to the statistical data of CNZZ in October, 360 in the search market share for the Baidu 32.6%, but because of the currency 360 search has not launched a large-scale advertising revenue, and a far cry from Baidu — from the financial data for the third quarter of 2013, online advertising revenue 360 for $120 million 700 thousand, while Baidu is up to $1 billion 446 million, equivalent to only 8.3% of Baidu


therefore, for 360, it is necessary to start the monetization process as soon as possible. In this regard, Google has a wealth of experience, Google pioneered Adsense and Adwords advertising system has been very perfect. Working at Google for 6 years Liu Yun apparently set for the system of Google is very familiar with, more importantly, as a person in charge of sales in China he has accumulated a very rich channel resources, and these 360 are needed.

can be expected, with the addition of Liu Yun, the original mainly do many of Google’s advertising agency will fall to 360, bring more advertisers to 360. As everyone knows, Google advertisers ARPU is much better than 360, Sogou search company, even more than the Chinese boss Baidu, which also makes the past Google search traffic has been far worse than 360 and Sogou cases, advertising revenue can still behind Baidu.

Liu Yun also want to do one thing I am afraid that is the establishment of 360 of their own traffic union. In the third quarter earnings release after the analyst meeting, the chairman of the board of directors Zhou Hongyi said that 360 of the search users are coming from the browser and navigation page to enter the, 360 are not eager to promote the flow of alliances in the. But the old Ji feel, may not have found a good performer, and when Liu Yun joined, the 360 traffic union things will probably accelerate. From Baidu’s past years of practical experience, the flow of the alliance can really help search >

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