Talk about how to do a good job in the integration of liquor marketing network

in the network marketing counterattack today, many small and medium enterprises have to focus on the Internet, now most small and medium-sized enterprises have their own websites, but the enterprise is in need of more integration of network marketing, what is the integration of network marketing. We should have heard, but really want to do enterprise integrated marketing network, is certainly not an easy thing, in the liquor business as an example, analysis of how to do network marketing? Many employers love attention marketing means, when micro-blog marketing is hot, or your competitors doing micro-blog marketing, it is natural to want to learn with competitors. Then, without taking into account the investment and return, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, enterprise network marketing basically to enterprises as the basic platform, so that the first design good website, many enterprises station opened on the feeling is not it, this is not about how the site, below into the point:

first: user group analysis

was not well under the premise of user group analysis, impossible to develop marketing programs for wine, this particular commodity, it is a luxury, the user buy those wines are generally give as a gift, or a few users love his collection of wine. These two types of users is the focus of marketing, but also business station of the target user, then these two types of users have what habits or consumer psychology? I feel these two classes of users mainly to the middle-aged, and then think about this part of the user usually love what website, or on the Internet there is no buy wine habits and experience. I think a lot of users do not believe that online ordering wine, they love to store to buy, or simply to find acquaintances to buy. Because of fear of fraud, if the liquor business to do network marketing, unless their brand awareness is very high, so the wine enterprises are generally have a physical store, this is mostly for city residents, so it is best to do the marketing of the city residents.

second: build brand

set up the product brand is not a short duration of time on the Internet of things, for example: a liquor business is the flagship of 87 years of Mao pulp cellar, that nature will focus to promote the liquor, we must first find this wine user group. Certainly there are a lot of people on this wine on the Internet, many of which also have the desire to buy, but the network products easy to doubt, when someone in your business consulting station on wine prices, the best customer service staff can collect visitor contact information, for example: QQ, mobile phone No. number. Of course, you are not to deceive the user to genuine goods at a fair price, and enterprises have a certain amount of users on the Internet, then you can promote the products in the process of brand slowly being set up, as long as the formation of the brand in this part of the user’s mind, users know your home for 87 years, Mao Jiao pulp is really good then, through the user’s reputation is the best way to promote.

third: marketing tools


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