Data collection and analysis of network project marketing

is the so-called friend is itself, baizhanbudai, network project is so marketing, including data acquisition and analysis is a work of patience, but it often unexpected results. Many of my friends think a lot of ways to promote your website or product, but whether it is trying desperately to also have little effect, it is better to stop and do a data analysis, find the resources they need to understand the opponent’s weaknesses an antidote against the disease, to find suitable for their own advantage, this is also the direction of data acquisition and analysis in the importance of the marketing network project.

1. Objectives and prerequisites

recently made a data analysis, but for some reason, there is no time to do a very systematic summary, here today, combined with the previous analysis to share some of the data analysis. This is mainly for the promotion of the forum to do the analysis, the requirements of the collection of the post on the forum in the field of more than 3000 posts. The most basic data collection target which is the data analysis, the main conditions of Japanese to post more than 3000, and are the industry forum, no matter what direction the propaganda to set clear goals, such as the analysis of the data out meaningful.

two. Forum address data acquisition

where to find the appropriate forum address, is the most worthy of consideration. Friends do not look at the contents of the case, you can also think about what methods and ways to find these forum address. In fact, it is not very easy to find the appropriate forum address, in the process of collecting, I mainly adopted the following methods to achieve data collection.

1 through Baidu search

search keywords industry forum this effect in Baidu is not good, but the name can search games such as forum, mobile phone forum, digital IT forum, forum and other industries to obtain the forum address.

2 find a special navigation website

collect and analyze when do this, brother and told me a very good method, is to search the forum website navigation, advantages of these sites is, the website itself has been arranged for our various industries website list save much time.

three. Data analysis of network project marketing

after finding a certain number of qualified forum address, we have to do a very detailed tables are used for statistical analysis of the data collected, with what tools made form are no restrictions, but in order to data looks more intuitive and clear, are usually made of Excel form. The following is the most important content, we have to analyze the data of a forum or website to determine the overall performance of the website forum. Whether a website forum has many aspects of data collection, take the amount of post in more than 3000 of the industry forum as an example, some of the items below is an indispensable forum such as average.

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