WeChat marketing do not listen to flicker, bypassing those pits

around a lot of friends began to do micro business. There is no money aside, the pure mind, generally changed a lot — love to complain about, now all the positive energy of love; the original work Tucao, now all that their product is good; the original love say that leadership is not good in the circle of friends, now all in the team, feeling met BOSS.

a lot of friends know old hook is to do business network marketing consultant, but also let me talk about how to do WeChat marketing, especially how to operate personal micro signal. There is a difference of enterprise network marketing and WeChat operations, so how to manage personal WeChat I can not talk about, because the experience is not much; I can talk about what not to do, after all, some of the red line is common.

, a big blind study click

micro business circles a lot of "click", each training and sharing can make people feel that li. But at this stage most of the so-called micro business training, master teaching, theory, flicker, less practical. A large part of his purely from the Internet to put all sorts of things together some theoretical knowledge, let a person feel foggy feeling like cattle (pictured below); in some big clicks, you pay after you one-on-one counseling, but not difficult to see the basic outline, the basic operation of WeChat is combed, such as "first lesson set avatar (45 minutes), second courses of nickname (30 minutes); there are some big clicks, directly to the SEO, Forum promotion, packaging, packaging into the micro business practice course, new bottles of old wine training.


learning is necessary, but blind learning, waste of time and energy, and may even lead to negative growth. No boss is to participate in a training and entrepreneurial success, the corresponding, there will not be any micro business, through a training suddenly opened sales.

two, superstitious friends number

some experts said, "want to succeed, let friends fill" and "the number of transactions and is proportional to the number of friends, then a greeting, allowing no explanation everywhere to join all kinds of crazy group and every become friends, friends give red envelopes to encourage everyone to recommend friends and other various methods, increase the number of friends.

but the number of friends is on the one hand, the quality is on the other hand, a superstitious number of friends, is likely to do more and more confused — "I have thousands of friends, or why not sell?" but you have not thought about the thousands of friends, how many people like you to number only and you become friends? How many people are you Shuabing several times after setting up "quietly not to look at him (she) of the circle of friends? How many people are there in a circle of friends to see your picture quickly down, don’t you see the news of

?The large flow and small flow is better than broad

precision, this is the site or shop known; similarly, hundreds of high quality friends, better than thousands of ordinary strangers.

three, i.

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