The world’s 40 single digital domain status nearly three of the parking page

"short" is one of the good domain name standard, single digital domain advantages, reduce the burden of memory, so that the domain name is.COM/.CN/.COM.CN/.CC gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory effect, 40 single digital domain, has already been registered, 9 of which have 4 domain name for a station, jump, 9 domain parking page 16 the domain name is not enabled, the other 2 domain name for sale.

10.COM domain names are not site



domain name until the 10 domain of rhythm are consistent, the registration time is December 1, 1993, will expire in December 8th of this year, and before the deadline are not enabled station.

big name.CN domain names have a good home


China Internet Information Center (CNNIC), opened in March 17, 2003.CN domain name registration,,, and 9 in the domain name registration is completed, and in the same month 10 registered the domain name, owned by Fujian provincial economic information center. The same is a single digital domain name, in Xiamen step by step Information Technology Co., ltd..


domain name Jingdong was acquired in 2012, Beijing’s net sellers for Sun Meichao, according to industry speculation, transaction price or more than "Jingdong" (Larry 3 million yuan), is expected in 3 million between -500 million, the domain name to jump to the Jingdong (

Beijing State Network Information Co., Ltd. also holds the domain name,, these 2 domain names and, are parked pages. Domain parking services typically use visitors to the page access amount, number or click advertising page to obtain benefits, such as domain name can only rely on the park every year millions of dollars of profit, many hold single digital boutique domain management, through the domain name to the domain name domain name support.

The domain name

.COM.CN rushed to the rise of and 10 single digital.COM.CN domain name registration time in mid November 1997, the domain name and in the near future to be low Zhang Yao to hundreds of millions of dollars of high priced acquisition.


domain name is jump to "group purchase network platform, domain name management for Beijing comtv Communications Technology Co. Ltd, the company also has and domain. Current access to domain name is a direct jump 6>

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