Why the major websites enable HTTPS operators to do a good thing


is a good thing, not a good quote.

you may not have noticed, Baidu search, HTTP browser address bar has always been the past, successor is more secure https. The country’s largest search engine, in 2015 of March, made an important decision to force the HTTPS connection. At this point from the Google to do this thing, over the past 1 and a half years.


. In October 14th of the same year, Hangzhou cloud habitat conference, Alibaba announced its electronic business platform has achieved total station https. Global network reported that Alibaba has become the world’s first electricity supplier to support the total station HTTPS. In stark contrast to some of the electricity supplier sites, such as Jingdong, Amazon, etc., is only in the login or transaction page enabled https. For users, this approach is more like attempt an ineffective solution."

careful friends may find that, at the end of 2015 at the beginning of 2016, this time, in addition to Baidu, Ali, like almost know this cutting-edge technology companies began to turn to the station HTTPS connection sites added a small lock icon style. For the average user, this small lock is both familiar and strange: familiar with the major sites because of the login and transaction pages are often seen, strange because most of the daily visits to the site will not be locked.

no doubt is locked for safety lock is the future trend, locked by search engines like website. But, unexpectedly, in the domestic network environment, the biggest security threat is actually made from Internet Co operators began. December 25, 2015, Tencent, millet, 360, today’s headlines, the U.S. group public comment network, micro-blog, the six companies issued a joint statement calling for the fight against traffic hijacking problem. Although only dare to say that some institutions hijack traffic, but the industry are aware that some institutions who and how they are bold rogue.


almost every user encountered, using a mobile phone to open the web page is China Mobile or China Unicom or telecom, forced into business or illegal order menu pop-up ads, even if it is open in WeChat page is also doomed. These rather baffling menu and pop-up ads, not only seriously affects the normal user’s browsing experience, and make the user feel confused and worried about their privacy by visiting the site leaked. Not all people know, in fact, these operators are openly in the content of others into their own code to achieve.

insiders complain on the Internet, "the beginning of the second half of 2015, operators of hijacking traffic has reached the point of flow is hard to believe that frightful to the ear, how many percent of a well-known website was hijacked, hard to believe that more than 50% of the users of telephone complaints because operators did. >

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