T blockbuster 1 yuan CN domain sequel will be released

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Christmas CN domain 1 yuan to experience the news, the head immediately thought that" ECOO solar water heater ad: 100 million, one hundred million households have let solar. I think the "CN domain name 1 yuan" slogan should be called: 1 yuan CN, 100 million Internet users have their own domain name. All rights reserved, if you want to use CNNIC, please contact my private lawyer.


"100 million solar do not know how the current performance, but estimates did not let one hundred million of household solar specific reasons, of course I don’t know. But if it comes to a solar 1 yuan experience activities, but also to experience the December 31, 2008, should not be far away from the slogan of the day.

"domain name CN 1 yuan experience activities carried out since March 7, 2007, effectively reduce the threshold for application of ordinary Internet users, caused a good response in the country, CN domain name registration has more than 8 million 400 thousand, basically what I wrote in a March article" 1 yuan CN domain will bring the national Festival ", at that time I think the price is almost free, will promote the popularity of the majority of Internet users in the CN domain." 8 million 400 thousand although the number is also good, but compared with the number of users of 172 million or worse, too far from the popularity.

so, with today’s CN domain name 1 yuan to continue the activities, continue to December 31, 2008. However, even to the date, estimated from the slogan 1 yuan CN, so that 100 million users have their own domain name, there will be a great distance. So, here, Liu Xingliang bold guess, then CN domain name will continue on the basis of continue".

everything has a development process, CN domain name is also popular. In the March article of the message, many people still have doubts. For example, users "day baby" is very confused: "can you tell me what is the use? Thank you!", "edge thinking" has a similar question: "the key is that it can bring me what good ah?"

through the spread of such a long time, coupled with the popularity of blogs, podcasts, personal portal Web2.0 application, estimation of similar users "Asahi day baby", "edge of thought" doubt this very few people, because you can make this domain to your blog, your podcast, your personal homepage.

at the time, there are users of the outcrop of a shovel "message:" I don’t see the 1 yuan and 100 yuan, what is the difference." In fact, this distinction is the difference between universal. Do not believe in the power of universal, see Microsoft operating system piracy strategy. Only cheap to a mere 1 yuan of popularity, cheap and not the same popularity, in order to achieve the $1 CN, so that 100 million users have their own domain name slogan.

in order to promote the national domain name, in order to reduce the threshold of experience, in order to benefit more users, CN domain name, you need to go on a mere 1 yuan. Of course, these are all

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