Liu Ren Network Entrepreneurship summit held in Tianjin in November 3rd

Liu Ren (network business club) Tianjin summit and the online data mining technology forum November 3rd will be held in xinmaotiancai service hotel. The summit by the Tianjin Software Industry Association branch called, Internet applications, massive information, xue24 Liu Ren Network Entrepreneurship Club jointly organized in Tianjin, windows provide webcast support, six network, personal portal will be the 2007 Tianjin Co, the largest Internet, meeting the highest specifications.


summit will invite the vice president of 1000 rubber group, founder Liu Ren, director of information, world class natural language understanding scientist Zhou Fuqiu, the founder of P.CN, Lu Lin Xing six founder Zhou Lei, SEO expert Liu Zhijun to visit Tianjin, around the network business theme, Internet business trends, business network technology, search engine promotion, electronic business network business presentation and communication. The massive information will also be released online demo Haina new data mining technology services.

director of Tianjin Software Industry Association of Internet application branch network system to that day newsletter Liu Weijun as the general convener of the summit, is expected to have 140 people from Beijing, Tianjin to attend the summit of the Internet community.

link: Liu Ren network Venture Club is " the desk business school ", the new technology; the use of advanced network communication for the enterprise and business professionals to provide training, management consulting and professional training platform solutions and other related services. Song Xinyu: founder of XING net ( general manager of Chinese District, international chairman, international famous experts in business strategy, School of economics and management of Tsinghua University MBA "strategic management practice" curriculum, visiting professor, master of economics, management science University of Cologne.

Liu Ren network Venture Club profile: China’s first leading online venture club, the club chairman is IT celebrity Liu Ren. For the website: practitioners, through online video and audio, face to face, text, online interaction and other means; line: meetings, regular meetings and other activities to explore the website business, know more friends, accumulate more contacts.

"I can recommend me to read good books, good teaching materials, good lectures, good article, I can apply our class into a circle, and the circle and outer circle and all kinds of resources. China Unicom…" speech

, Liu Ren in the "network media" on the opening ceremony of the 07

course: This course system describes the characteristics of the site, how to use the classification to promote your content, layout, web site specification…

activities: Weekly online and offline teachers and students to meet the meeting, the gathering of students, the network of entrepreneurs, etc..>

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